Samano's Mexican Restaurant Cudahy
Proudly serving the Milwaukee area for over 40 years!

History of Samano's Hacienda

Samano's as an old Miller Brewery Tavern

This building was constructed as the Miller Brewery Tavern and Rooming House in 1894. Since the beginning many businesses came and went but in 1968 Jesse and Josephine Samano brought their restaurant (est. 1967) to this location and established Samano’s Hacienda. Four decades later we still use the original recipes Grandma Samano started and have added more choices and specials to the menu.

Many Samano family members have worked here over the years. Right now, we are on the fourth generation (fifth is not old enough yet) but some of the most outstanding people here are our customers. Many have been here since the beginning and have brought their children who now bring their children. Through it all, we have all become family, sharing stories, smiles and a margarita or two.

Thank you for your patronage and God bless you.

Samanos Background